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Daimler by degree: My way to the trucks

Getting up in the morning around 7, having a short shower, grabbing something to eat and heading to „Financing and Accounting“. I haven’t experienced this for almost 3 years now until I started my executive master program in Karlsruhe some weeks ago.

But first things first. My name is Michael and I started working at Daimler in May 2012 after gaining my Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering earlier that same year. After graduating from university, I found myself in a complicated situation.

The question was how to go on. There were just too many possibilities and things I was interested in, combined with too few experience to really tell what I wanted to do. The challenge for me was to get an overview in that jungle of opportunities.


Western Star 5700XE: He must be a Transformer

It’s 102 degrees F in the shade. I’m in Las Vegas again to blog about the launch of a new vehicle. Why can’t they ever hold these events in some place nice – like the Yukon or maybe Patagonia? Haven’t they ever seen Ice Truckers? A curious roadrunner struts by. Instinctively, I search around for the Coyote.


My Day of Caring: A great expericence in Berlin

My first time in Berlin was back in 1998. I was 15 and I took part in a cultural exchange. At that time I was too young to appreciate Berlin, so my first impression was not really a positive one. I came back in June 2013 to start my great adventure in Mercedes Benz Bank when I joined the […]


Indian Auto Expo – Where the cars are the stars

von Satchit Gayakwad über , , in Mercedes-Benz Cars

Crisp winter mornings, palpable excitement in the air, conversations peppered with horsepower, torque, a tangible passion for cars from people who write on the subject day in and day out – this probably best describes the first two days of the 12th Indian Auto Expo. Designed as media days, the Auto Expo that will open […]


The NAIAS 2014 and the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The new motoring year kicks off with the North American International Motor Show in Detroit and the whole world is looking at Daimler for what could be the release of the year: the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class! No car in the Mercedes-Benz line-up shifts more units as the C-Class so it is not surprising Mercedes means […]

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